Breakfast at the Lodi Rod and Gun Club

Dad at the Rod and Gun Club Breakfast

Dad at the Rod and Gun Club Breakfast

This past Sunday the entire Covert clan headed up for the Lodi Rod and Gun Club Breakfast. The breakfast itself is delicious and plentiful, but the experience is more than a straightforward meal. It’s a great way to meet friends old and new and get caught up on all the local comings and goings.

Now let me start with the setting: this biweekly breakfast feast is held at the Lodi Rod and Gun Club, which is a lodge and meeting place for members of this club. As is logical, the room is decorated with various taxidermied wildlife, trophies of the club members. It’s a big, open room with lots of tables and when we arrived it was packed and noisy with entire family units with the full range of ages.

I had heard about this famous breakfast and I’m thrilled to report that it lived up to its reputation completely. One of the major features of the breakfast is the fact that you can select a number of different breakfast items or simply check the box “select all” for the entry price of $5.50. We’re talking eggs, pancakes, toast, hashbrowns, bacon, sausage, bicuits with sausage gravy OR ALL OF THE ABOVE. I was tempted to select all, just to see if I could do it, but my common sense prevailed and the delicious breakfast I chose lasted me straight through to dinner.

I have clear memories of similar breakfasts taking place on a regular basis when I was little. These Pancake Breakfasts were put on by the Lodi Historical Society that took place on Sunday mornings. I even remember being a “waitress” at these breakfasts, training for my very short-lived and mistake-laden career as a waitress that never managed to extend much further than the Lodi Historical Society Pancake Breakfasts, much to the greater health and well-being of the diners of Eastern North America.

More than just a meal the Lodi Rod and Gun Club Breakfast is a community experience. This kind of a community meeting and communal eating place is the something I miss living in the city most of the year–we just don’t do things like this that often. The tradition continues every second Sunday through to the middle of October and I will be there as often as I can.

Oh, and Vegetarians? You might want to stay home.


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