Garden Pic #3

Adding veggies to the perennial garden

Adding veggies to the perennial garden

So last year we attacked the Japanese lantern patch behind the house with great vigour. We attacked it over and over again. And still the Japanese lanterns returned. We started to plant new perennials in the patch to try and put a final end to the lanterns. The lanterns will never die, which is the one thing I’ve learned, but they are starting to die down a little bit.

In this shot you’ll see that we’re starting to plant some of our veggies in the perennial area as well. This is all part of a grand experiment (isn’t that what all of gardening is all about?) Are you even supposed to put perennials and veggies together? Are you even supposed to put plants over a crazy weed patch? We’re definitely not supposed to plant much of anything in the shadow and root system of a black walnut tree. Oh well. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how things work this year and try and make sensible notes for next year.


Garden Pic #2

Garden Materials

Garden Materials

Gardening is messy work requiring lots of tools and reference materials and things that can get lost, misplaced or stepped on! Here you can see the basic materials laid out in anticipation of being applied in gardeny kinds of ways. The Countryside Produce farm stand on Munson Road between Lodi and Interlaken really came through for us and you can see the flats of peppers among other things here.

Garden Pic #1

This year we decided to triple our garden adventures and what does that mean? Why triple the work, of course! I think I’m *just* starting to recover now.

We had a lot of great successes but instead of going into great descriptive detail about them I’m going to post a series of photos of our recent gardening odyssey.

First up: the trip up to the Countryside Produce Amish Market for our seedlings.

Plants in the trunk on thier way to thier new life in our garden in Lodi

Plants in the trunk on their way to their new life in our garden in Lodi