Beautiful grapes!

20110823-093400.jpgWhat is so alluring, elegant and beautiful about grapes? Is it their appearance on undulating hillsides? Is it the promise of wonderful wine to come? It is their association with romantic locales like Italy, France, California and … Lodi?

All I know is that the grapes are looking gorgeous on the vines at this time of year–plump, rich in colour and full of promise.

I devoured the current special edition of Edible Finger Lakes all about wine a few weeks ago and loved the insight into grape-growing, wine-making and the incredible history of these traditions in our area. Pick it up while it’s still in stock.

Speaking of wine and grapes, welcome the new kids on the block, literally, Eremita Winery–our neighbours in Lodi! They’ve been hard at work over the last many months renovating the old church next to my family home on Main Street in Lodi and finally today they are officially open for business! I’ll be stopping in for a tasting next weekend for sure.


Last Day at the Cottage

20110807-114342.jpgAll good things must come to an end and alas, today is the last day of my summer vacation here in Lodi.

It’s been a funny summer weather-wise with weeks of drought followed by some grey rainy days with a wicked heat wave thrown in for good measure. Enough perfect hot, hazy lake days to make my summer just right, however.

Another funny thing about this summer is the fact that we never did get our vegetable garden in. We weren’t in Lodi for the May long weekend and kind of lost our chance to get the plants in at the right time. Instead we concentrated on filling in the perennial garden which is looking better than ever. Lillies and coreopsis will not make for good canning, however so unless we pick up veg at the market we’ll have no fall canning projects.

Though I’m sad to leave today I can rejoice in the fact that I’ll be back in 2 short weeks, then again a few weeks later and a few weeks after that. More Lodi in my future–yay!