Saints Preserve Us

Sometimes I get all excited about an idea and I have to do it right away. That’s kind if how I got this year when thinking about doing some canning and preserving.

Luckily my Mum is patient, knowledgable and has been dealing with me for 30-ahem-mumble-mumble years and knows what to do when I say “let’s make preserves this weekend, ok, great! Fun! I’m ready, let’s go!”

Last year we make roughly a ton of green tomato chutney courtesy of the tomatoes that never ripened in my front yard. It was delicious and fun to make.

When I say fun, I should probably admit that Mum did most of the heavy lifting in terms of the let’s-make-sure-everyone-we-give-this-to-doesn’t-die-of-botulism side of things. I specialize in the enthusiasm, chopping, and stirring departments.

With our overwhelming garden successes this year it was hard to pick the best candidate for preserving. Sorry, what I meant to say there was that the only thing we had remotely enough of to do anything with was jalapeño peppers.

There is only so much salsa a person can make and so with our pile of jalapenos (under 1 lb.) we decided against filling them with cream cheese and wrapping them in bacon which is what we did last year and made some jalapeño jelly.

And after a hot hour in the kitchen over boiling pots of liquid on the hottest weekend in the last few we have 5 spectacular jars of a sweet and spicy concoction. The jars have a lovely light green colour with flecks of darker green suspended throughout.

And it’s all the more sweet because not only did we can it ourselves but we grew the peppers too.

If anyone had a bumper jalapeño crop I’ll make another batch 🙂