Onions Making Me Cry

Usually onions make a person cry when that person is chopping them in prep for a delicious meal like a flavorful pasta sauce or a hearty chili.

Well when it comes to these onions I’m crying before I’ve even picked up a knife because they just won’t grow. Or I should say they just didn’t grow. Or I should say they grew, but not past the size of shallots. Sigh. Let the tears begin.

As you can see from the photo we planted a lovely array of white and red onions this year and their colour was great, their stalks were green and straight and their bulbs never grew past the size of a quarter. Yes, that is a quarter in the photo to show scale. I repeat, sigh.

I don’t know what went wrong. We chopped off the scapes when we were supposed to, we weeded, we watered, we loved them and spoke kindly to them.

The puzzling other thing is that our other underground crops like garlic and potatoes did well, so it’s not like we can’t grow things underground.

Last year our onions had a similar fate. Stunted. Relegated to faux-shallot status with none of the complex and alluring flavor of that delicious little gem, and all of the densely-packed bitterness you’d imagine of an onion never able to live up to it’s true potential.

Any advice from onion experts out there?

Now pardon me while I… Sniff… Reach for a… Sniff… Tissue…