Holy cukes!

Mum and Dad visited Ottawa this week and brought with them news of the garden: tomato troubles (possibly due to black walnut proximity), kale concerns (consumed by rabbits, but no one really cares about kale anyway), and beautiful beans (Dad said our beans were the best he’s ever eaten!). They also brought a big bag of cukes from the garden, another of the success stories. I love cukes which is why I planted them. But did I need to plant 18 seedlings? Hmm… let me think… uh, NO! In my defense, I bought what I thought would be pickling cukes in an ambitious plot to pickle. A couple of things went wrong with that plot: 1) not sure the flats I picked up are actually picklers as the tag in the flats didn’t specify when I looked closely at it 2) cuke harvest coincided with the heat wave making the notion of standing over giant vats of boiling water worthy of admission to mental health facility. Nonetheless I’ve been enjoying these cukes (every day) and look forward to seeing the rest of the harvest when I head down to Lodi next week.