Organizing the Garden Shed

Garden Tools

Garden Tools

So next weekend is our first trip to Lodi in a while–in fact, I think since November. We have a lot of work to do to get the garden ready for the year but we will probably not get to do too much of that because it’s still a bit too early in the season.

I have a couple of goals however that I think could really help us get ready and organized for the coming garden season. I would like to whip our garden shed into shape and arrange tools, shelves and other materials so that when it comes to the hard work we have everything at the ready.

Last year had a large amount of gardening equipment already on the premises which was kind of surprising since it was the first year we created a garden and also not at all surprising because our garden is on a farm.

However the hoes, rakes, shovels, stakes, gloves, spades and posts lived in any one of four different locations at any time: the garage, the far end of the second barn, the near end of the first barn or the woodshed. Which makes for inefficient work patterns, grumpiness and conversations like this:

“Where’s the _______?”
“I don’t know, look in the barn”
“Which barn”
“The big barn”
“It’s not there”
“Look in the other barn”
“It’s not there either”
“Look in the shed”
“Oh forget it I’ll use my boot”

Or similar.

I also think that having clear and consistent places for your precious equipment leads to an attitude of better care for your tools. For those of us (me) who were (rightfully) reprimanded for leaving potato forks in the ground overnight thus leading to rust could use some reminding of how to best care for the gardening equipment.

So going into this new season I have a vision of a perfectly organized shed where the tools hang in their rightful places, the materials are piled neatly and I can *always* find my gloves. “Anyone seen my gloves?” “Look in the barn.” “Which barn?” etc…

Anyone have any advice on successfully organizing a garden shed? We need all the help we can get!